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We cannot over-emphasize the importance of having your child in school and the importance of avoiding unnecessary absences.  It is important to remember that with the year-round calendar, we should all take advantage of the frequent vacations to schedule doctor appointments, vacation trips, etc.  Demonstrating to our children that education is a number one priority in our lives sends them a very important message.  Unfortunately, the reverse also sends a message--the wrong message.

Attendance Awards

The principal will give our attendance awards.  Students at all grade levels are given the chance to win these awards.  At the end of the year, a Perfect Attendance is given to those students who have not missed a day of school all year.

Absent Students

Call 831-392-3890

When students are absent from school, they are missing valuable instructional experiences and lessons that often cannot be made up.  When children are out due to illness that can't be helped  it is an excused absence. Some absences can be avoided like doctor and dental appointments.  Many doctors understand the importance of students not being disrupted from their class lessons and will make appointments after school. Generally, if possible, after lunch appointments are less harmful than morning appointments since many of the "3-R" subjects are taught n the morning.  If in doubt, please check with your child's teacher.