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Principal's Message

Dr. Ashby's Background


Click here for the March 2018 Blue Jay Bulletin.

Principal's Message for March 2018

March 4, 2018


Dear Monte Vista Parents and Families,


      My message springboards from a letter that our Superintendent, Dr. PK Diffenbaugh, wrote to all parents on 2-16-18. He had written it in light of the recent disheartening high school event in Florida. He mentioned that “the ALICE safety drills provide an opportunity for students and staff to develop a ‘tool belt’ of skills, which will empower them to make the best decisions for survival should they ever experience a life-threatening emergency (in school or in life). The focus of the drills is to educate on ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) skills, not on scaring students. Drills are appropriately geared to each grade level.”

      I took his charge to heart and visited each classroom before our once-a-trimester ALICE intruder drill practice (on 2-28-18). In each classroom visit, we reviewed all the steps of the drill, and we discussed what the final last resort measure “Counter” step (a step that is newer in our practice) could look like as appropriate for their grade level. This was all in an effort to make sure that we are appropriately informed and prepared for an intruder emergency that all state school systems are now accounting for since students spend a large portion of their day under our stewardship.  All parents have the choice of whether or not they want their child to participate in these drills that are once a trimester. I also invite parents who have questions to present their questions and concerns to me, so I may have an opportunity to clarify or further inform. You may also email me for the documents I gave out at the 2016 and 2017 Parent Ed. ALICE Nights. Our staff will continue to make safety a priority at MVE, and we will always appreciate how our Blue Jay parents desire to be informed team players and fellow stakeholders in that effort. Remember, every person matters and we are better together.

                -With Highest Regards, Dr. Joe Ashby


Parent Ed. Tech Tip: Based on current research, be mindful of how much mobile and screen technology (apps, shows, games) our country’s youth are viewing each day and try to properly monitor and balance it with inside and outside recreation and learning. Encourage more time spent reading books and engaging in real-world learning tasks. The amount and type of media viewed can impact how children treat and speak to one another. As we draw close to a two-week Spring Break, it’s critical that we take this tip to heart. It will also help to prevent student learning regression. Let me know if you need Spring Break resources.


Joseph Ashby, Ed.D.

Principal, Monte Vista Elementary
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District







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